Werner Freistaetter

Producer/Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the recording industry. He is head of engineering at Alpha Centauri Recording, London.


Werner on Discogs


Unique II is the brainchild of Werner and Erwin Geppner.
Sales in excess of 2 million units, various top 10 tracks in 25 countries and appearances on 4 million compilations. Their remake of Matthew Wilder’s ‘Break My Stride’ made it to #1 in more than ten countries including Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Nicaragua.


Unique II discography

Recently Werner has had the pleasure to work with and to learn from:

Keith Allen, Asian Dub Foundation, Otmar Binder, Peter Bond, Box TV, Johan Carlberg, The Cordels, Defend Moscow, Depeche Mode, Detroit Social Club, David Delgado, Def By Disco, Gillan Edgar, Andre Espeut, Flood, Nina Ferro, Tyler Friedman, Franko, Glasvegas, Grammatics, PJ Harvey - John Parish, Ben Hillier, The Hours, Mr Hudson, Hugo, Inhalt, DJ Ironik, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Jonathan, The Kills, La Roux, Dieter Libuda, Francesca Lombardo, Paul Louth, Paul McManamon, Madness, Mantis And The Prayer, Darc Marc, Sie Medway-Smith, Daniel Miller, Big Mountain, Julian Peretta, Chris Potter, Red Rack'em, Steve Rhodes, Thomas Richter, Red Robin, Joe Rose, Polly Scattergood, Ana Silvera, Matia Simovich, The Standards, Sugababes, Temper Trap, U2, Thomas Weber, Kanye West, White Belt Yellow Tag, X-Factor, Yeah Yous, Zero 7.